Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Tribe Called Quest - We The People

Hope all is well on you end of the internet. I thought I'd sit down and jot a few of my thoughts down, instead of my usual style of re-posting. I admit I have become lazy as of late. Blogging about Hip-Hop is something that I will always do, sponsors or not, but it has become a chore. On top of all of that, the world as we know it seems to be turning to shit all around us. Makes it hard for a music loving B-Boy blogger to get excited and write.

I won't even begin to debate the whole mumble rap issue either, it's a no-win conversation either way. If I say I hate it, which I don't, I'll hear it from the haters. If I say I love it, which I don't, I'll hear it from the backpackers. All bad.

Just when I thought I was done with it all and ready to unplug for good, a ray of light shines from the heavens and the Hip-Hop Gods decided to give us all a overdue present for our loyalty.

The new album from A Tribe Called Quest has renewed my faith in Hip-Hop. We here at Rap Critics are BIG fans of ATCQ, as you probably already know. When I heard the news, I literally dropped what I was doing and hit Google. A few hours later, I had tears in my eyes.

This album is that good, in my humble opinion. I will not go on any further with my ramblings on how dope it is, what songs are my favorite, the numerous sample references that are like Easter eggs for Hip-Hop nerds, and all that. No, I will simply stop now, and say thank you to Q-Tip, Ali Shaheed, Jarobi, Busta, Consequence, and every artist that worked on this album. God bless you.

Now go listen and buy "We Got It From Here... Thank You For Your Service" and check the links below for more info on Tribe!

A Tribe Called Quest Stands United, One Last Time : The Record : NPR

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