Monday, July 27, 2009

Original Concept-Knowledge Me, ahh man!

This rare Hip-Hop gem can be found deep in the Def Jam catalog, and still rocks the party, years after it's inital release. Original Concept was a Hip-Hop group out of New York. They only made one album,Straight from the Basement of Kooley High!
, and "Knowledge Me" was the single of that album.
The B Side of "Knowledge Me" is the equally hot "Can You Feel It", a deejay smorgasbord, with cuts and scratches weaving in and out of the song in a frenzy! No wonder since Dr. Dre (of YO! MTV Raps fame, not NWA, King of West Coast beats fame) was one of the anchor members of the group.

This album is really rare, I couldn't find any decent links to it on Amazon other than the one above. They have the mp3 for "Can You Feel It", but the album is harder to get.. It's in stock but it is expensive!!!

Get a little stupid and knowledge me, ahh man! bite'n my stylee / same 45 rpm single

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