Friday, August 14, 2009

C-Murder gets life behind bars!

Corey Miller aka C-Murder/C-Miller was found guilty of second degree murder of Steve Thomas. The case that started in 2002 concluded, with more questions raised and a appeal most likely on the way. C-Murder is known to rap fans as family member of the southern rap empire "No Limit" and 1/3 of the rap group TRU. Miller is the younger brother of the highly successful music mogul Percy "Master P" Miller. The chart topping rapper rose to fame quickly, with several appearances and single on the airwaves in the late nineties.

Miller's was initially convinced in 2002, but was granted a new trial and placed under house arrest. He took the time to work on a novel called Death Around The Corner, as well as music. His latest album "Screamin' 4 Vengeance", is in stores now.

He would face the music again, as he was sentenced again for a incident in 2001. Videotapes soon floated online where Miller can be seen on tape, as he argues with bouncers at a Baton Rouge, LA nightclub and fires shots in the club lobby. He was given credit for time served for that charge.

Surveillance Footage Of C-Murder Attempting To Shoot

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Miller's murder trial began again, with explosive testimony from witnesses and controversial actions from the judge. The jury ultimately found Miller guilty of second-degree murder. Corey Miller was sentenced to life in prison August 12th, 2009.

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