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Film on Jerkin' is in the works!



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Los Angeles CA September 3, 2009 -- Melee Entertainment, the producers behind the hit "You Got Served," and Shariff Hasan Productions are teaming up to produce the first feature film about the dance movement "Jerkin" that is exploding around the world. Producers on the project are Bryan Turner, Scott Aronson, and Mike Regen from Melee along with Shariff Hasan, Todd Moscowitz, and Mike Mavrolas.

The "Jerkin"movement has been the focus recently of several high profile news stories including a feature in the Los Angeles Times, a cover story in the L.A. Weekly, and a feature on ABC News. Dancing is just one component of "Jerkin" as it also encompasses music, fashion, entrepreneurship and positive affirmation among African American, Latino, and Caucasian teenagers

"Jerkin" dance crews and music groups are now in every city in the United States and the movement has spread around the world with crews in Japan, France, Germany, Australia, China, Mexico and Canada. Page views on YouTube for "Jerkin" dance crews and music have reached over 300 million hits. The song "You're a Jerk" by the New Boyz is currently #25 on the pop charts and has sold over 500,000 ringtones and downloads.

"Jerkin"was started by inner city teens in Los Angeles who needed an alternative to the gang culture that was decimating their neighborhoods. Instead of wearing baggy pants and white t-shirts, they started wearing skinny jeans and bright colors to differentiate themselves from gang members so they could avoid altercations and profiling from the police.

"This is music, fashion, and culture in the heart of the internet generation"said Bryan Turner. It's hip hop reinventing itself before our eyes and the driving force is the most powerful medium of all "the streets"

Shariff Hasan noted, "Because the Jerkin movement is anti-gang, it is the first time in human history where youth culture is rebelling against itself."

Melee is coming off of the recent success of "Next Day Air" which grossed over $10 million theatrically and bows on DVD on September 13th. In addition to the "Jerkin" film, Melee will also be going into production shortly on its thriller "Day One".

Todd Moscowitz is president of Asylum Records which is at the forefront of signing "Jerkin" music acts like the New Boyz. Hasan is an indie film maker who was teaching entrepreneurship in inner city schools and saw the Jerkin Culture first hand and wanted to get involved at it's earliest stages. Mavrolas is the manager of the New Boyz.

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