Thursday, December 17, 2015

Mac Miller - Matches (Feat. Ab Soul)

"Let's recap, the earth spinning too rapid//
I'm living too fast, sinning's a habit//
I can't hack, fornicate, act this rabid//
One bean short of an acid tablet//

Security guards spark my cigarettes//
The old head go 'head and cop me a brew//
Sometimes them Koreans be cool, these shades make me look 22//

They say you learn when you get older//
I just say that that ain't true//
That just means when you was younger//
You ain't get burnt up like us, fool//

Just got L's so I'm riding high, still in high school but I do//
Everything I will do, when I'm 25, no lie.."

ah. youth in it's extremity.
although i didn't live this crazy life aforementioned,
these lyrics show the aspirations and dreams of a troubled yet focused and striving adolescent mindset.
and the production is one of my favorites . enjoy
mind you, we all love to break rules.

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