Monday, February 08, 2016

High Time Cannabis Cup 2016 Weekend Coverage (Feb 6-7 BOGO Deal for Rap Critics Blog Only)

I want to thank everyone at High Times Magazine for putting together this event and for all the incredible love that they showed us! We weren't sure that we were even going to make it out at all but we really wanted to go. I decided to man up bite the bullet and pay at the front gate just to get the experience. Soon as we walked in we were greeted with the welcoming smell of the Cannabis Cup. 
You could smell the Cannabis Cup a couple blocks away, but once you got inside the gate, it became something else entirely. The day was literally a blur and I'm sure that we will forget a lot of the details. I will try to give you a randomized rundown of what we saw and what took place!

We arrived later than we planned to on Saturday, so we missed a few seminars. We wanted to catch Allison Margolin's presentation, we're big fans of everybody over at Margolin and Lawrence.  We walked into the main gate and seminar stages after getting proper wristbands. I got stuck in the indoor expo for about 10 to 20 minutes, looking at all the bud and booths.  I want to give a big shout out to the guys over at POW, make sure you check them out, as well as everybody at the State of California legalization booth, Orange County NORML, NORML Women's Alliance, and the good folks at UC Irvine Law.

The one thing that I will say about this event is that it was a tad bit overwhelming. I wanted to be everywhere, see everything and talk to everybody but it's impossible. We missed pretty much all of the seminars and presentations, I'm sure they were amazing. The booths outside and the music is just too much competition.

We found our way out to the Emerald City section and started doing our "data research".  About two minutes after hitting Emerald City, we were well into first dabs. The fun had just begun. We wandered from tent to tent, table to table, booth to booth, dad after dab after dab, all for free. We have tons of  freebies to take home, as folks were very generous. Its hard for me to go in chronological order and list the various exhibitors, but I have everybody's names and numbers and we will shout you out on all our social accounts in the upcoming days!

After about an half hour of meeting new friends at all the booths, we remembered the concert going was going on. We caught Juicy J, who tried to get the lazy stoner SoCal crowd hype (which is a BIG challenge at a High Times Show) and did a string of his hits, while bringing out producer 808 Mafia productions team member TM88 on stage. 2 Chainz performance was after that and it was amazing.  He did a few of his standout song feature verses, including his mega hit hook from "Fuckin' Problem", "All Me" "Riot" and his new hit "Watch Out" while the stoners stood there frozen at times. I have seen this happen many times, have commented on it for years, and warned all my rapper friends to expect it when they come out. But I digress... 

We caught a little bit of Joe Moses at the CHR stage and missed  E-40  (I still pissed off about that) We did see Waka Flocka Flame over at the Green Wolf/Conglomerate Stage.  That shit was bananas! Great set, that from the looks of it, had some type of drama going on as he entered to do his set. The drama seemed to linger on afterwards too, as the host of the Conglomerate stage could be heard repeating several expletives, on the microphone, toward the High Times staff.  Seems to be trouble in paradise. Not sure what that is all about but we will let you know what we hear.

After that we started to walk around a bit, I believe the performances were Ghostface Killah & Killah Priest. I did get a chance to catch some of that show, but the crowd was crazy. We could not get as close to the stage as we were for the Waka Flocka Flame performance, so we played the background and decided to walk around the event a little more to get some more dabs!! 

After walking around in meeting more friends we saw about two minutes of Method Man and Redman's performance before reality kicked in. We realize we were way too tired and way too stoned to take one more step. We decided to end the night on a very high note,  and headed home.

That would've been enough for anyone but we really wanted to go back on Sunday just to talk to more of the vendors. So on a wing and a prayer I sent out a few text messages, asked for a few favors and the ganja gods looked brightly on us by giving us all access passes to Sunday's events. Yes party people, our High Times Cannabis Cup experience was a BOGO ( buy one, get one free deal)!! We walked right back through the gates on Sunday and rode all the rides again.  The second round was almost better than the first round. I can't say better because we didn't hear as much music, but we definitely enjoyed ourselves. This event is like Disneyland for stoners! Long live Cannabis Cup!

Shouts out to Speak Easy , SP Medical Evaluations in West Covina, Western Genetics, Washington Wellness Center, DTPC, big shout out to everybody at Cobra Extracts, thanks to Joe and the guys at Flurish, big thanks to Michael Muruca (OCDJ),, DTPC, NugLife, The BLVD Collective in OC, The Muffin Man has incredible edibles, WeedMaps, GDrinks and GPens and the whole GFarma Brands crew, SC Labs, GemStonz Botanical, CaliKoast, Nameless Genetics,, #ReefJerky guys at Bad Fish Extracts, Canna Innovations, and anybody else we failed to mention.  Make sure you're following us on Instagram and Twitter for more details, as we will be talking about this event and all of our new friends that we met at #CannabisCup for a long time!

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