Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Masta Ace - Y.B.I. (Young Black Intelligent) Feat. Pav Bundy & Chuck D....

New single off Masta Ace's New Album "The Falling Season"

Produced by Kic Beats

Video directed by Paris


Young Black Intelligent,

This is not a first but it feels like a curse and it weighs like an elephant.

Heavy on my mind cause I feel so irrelevant.

Heavy on my hearts like Im smart for the hell of it.

Heavy on my soul as I stroll through the Ville again.

Stranded on this island, feel like Im Gilligan.

Friends got jail, then they got bail,

Stress that Im under I just wonder will they kill again.

Please understand that Im living in the concrete,

Jungle as I stumble will it crumble under my feet.

In the building lobby, see my man Bobby,

Puffing on a joint that's the point when our eyes meet.

Asks whats the weight on the books in. My knapsack.

He's so amused Im confused why he asked that.

Then I understand the motive and the plan.

He's tryna be the man as I stand getting laughed at.

Dudes got jokes, but very little hopes.

That's why they try to bring me down like a halfback.

But I got balance, my moms made a promise.

If I get the grades I'll be praised like Thomas,

Clarence but I dont know if laws in my future.

Cops in a war and they'll sure try to shoot ya.

All I wanna do is get a B inGeometry,

Lose my virginity and live my life drama free.

As I sit and count these clouds.

I just hope my ma is proud of me me.

Why be I, (why be I), Why be me (why be me)

If I fly (if i fly-yy) then they gon see (they gon see)

I might die (I might die), but I'll be free (I'll be free)

So why be I, (why be i), why be me

Young Black Intelligent 6x

Young Black...


Penny for your thoughts, a nickel for your dreams, a dime for your goals, and a quarter in your jeans

Trying to make a dollar out of $.41, caught up in the Bobwire Shorty on the fence.

I can be a knife packing gun toting hooligan.

But I can't decide so I'm on my way to school again.

On my way to duel again me against the world.

But all I can think about is me against a girl.

Youthful exuberance busting at the seams.

Look at all the other kids cussing at the deans.

Look at all the other kids cutting eighth period.

But I'm on the team and my coach won't hear of it.

He's well aware of it I ain't getting pinched.

Y'all dummies go ahead I ain't getting benched.

Whole lot of right add a little bit of wrong and everything you've worked for gone.

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