Saturday, January 13, 2018

Learn How To Watch

Peace. Our New Year Resolution was to post more. We are halfway into January and lacking.....same ole shit! I thought by now that I would have this site transferred over to a new host, all shiny with a new design and new writers...NOT!! 2018..same old shit. But not for long, trust me...BIG THINGS HAPPENING! Moving the website this year, for sure. Moving into new production rooms this year for sure! PODCAST is coming for sure!! Mixtape sponsored by our side gig 420 Health Care Deliveries...stay tuned. Until then, this clip fits our mood right now. Look forward to more random posts with clips and digging through Going to spend some time digging through all of the emails that I missed last year, clicking those BandCamp promo links and watching everything I can in this frozen Hip-Hop land. Better bring a jacket!

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